Startup Design

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is the visual representation of your company displayed through branding and trademark, advertising and PR. In general, a basic corporate identity would consist of a custom designed logo, a visual brand displayed on shop fronts, websites, social media and all related promotional gadgets.

Hot Desk Solutions offer brand design and print services. We invite you to choose either from our list of packages or if you would prefer a more bespoke service, we can tailor any design or print service to suit.

Website Design

Web Sites are always quoted individually. The design can follow actual corporate indentity – prepared by our graphic designer or delivered by client. All parameters of the site will be included in the proposal. Clients can provide all text and images for site or they can be provided at an extra cost.

All the details such as: videos, Flash, e-commerce or CMS (content management system), extra social media services, etc. are discussed and quoted individually.

Small Business Marketing Packages


Basic Package

Text base logo design**

Package includes:

  • business cards (200 pcs)
  • letterheads (200 pcs)
  • DL leaflets (250 pcs)


Standard Package

Graphic based logo design***

Package includes:

  • business cards (500 pcs.)
  • letterheads (500 pcs)
  • envelopes (200 pcs.)
  • DL folded leaflets (250 pcs.)

Business Plus

Advanced Package

Graphic based logo design**

Package includes:

  • business cards (1000 pcs)
  • letterheads (500 pcs)
  • envelopes (500 pcs)
  • DL folded leaflets (1000 pcs)
  • gadgets: mouse pads (50 pcs) or magnets (200 pcs)